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iHirePrinting is dedicated exclusively to the Printing industry. We'll provide the right job opportunities and career coaching services to help you succeed in your field.

Three Ways iHirePrinting Gives You an Edge in the Printing Industry


Schedule a coaching session with a dedicated Career Advisor

iHirePrinting Career Advisors have specialized insight into the challenges of the Printing industry, and are ready to help guide your career growth through confidential coaching sessions.

Get help with:

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Salary negotiation

Receive personalized recommendations from our database of curated and verified Printing jobs

Our iMatch technology uses your unique preferences and site activity to recommend the most relevant opportunities from 30,000+ sources.

By finding, curating, and verifying new Printing jobs every day, our research team ensures you’ll never miss out on an opportunity that aligns with your career goals.


Take advantage of our resume tools and services to apply with confidence and land more interviews

Use iScore Resume Match to get instant recommendations on how to improve your resume for specific Printing jobs. Our certified resume experts are also available to provide personalized assistance.

Schedule a consultation for one-on-one guidance, or have your resume professionally written by a member of our team who knows today's best practices for Printing resumes.

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John A. Anderson Penn Yan, NY

"iHire helped me better understand the needs of the market, honed my skills, modified my Resume and helped me find a great position with a company that has a great future."

Lizbeth Prevete Rockville Centre, NY

"iHire offered many job opportunities. After submitting my resume and attending several interviews, I received multiple job offers. Thank you for all your help."

Robert Sharpe Saint Charles, MO

" This website was a treasure of resources that helped me find my new job! I never knew that a lot of these jobs were out there. I couldn't find them on my own. "

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With a Premium Membership, you can streamline your job search, eliminate the clutter, and get hired faster. Take advantage of full access to every job opportunity on the site, stand out to potential employers as a featured applicant, and optimize your resume with our iScore tool. Premium members pay a nominal fee for these features.

For more information on benefits and pricing, please visit our Why Join page.

You can add a resume to your account by going to the Resume Page and clicking on the green button on the right that says “Add”. You will have the option to upload your resume, build your resume from your portfolio, copy and paste, or typing your resume into the text box provided after clicking on “paste resume”.

After adding your resume to our site you will be asked if you want that resume to be searchable by employers in the iHire Network. See Resume Privacy Options for more information on who can see a resume you’ve added to your iHire account.

If our site is not accepting your resume, please review the list of error messages below to find out what step(s) you can take to get your resume successfully added to our site:

  • “Please select a resume to upload.” This means you have not selected a file from your computer to upload. Please select your resume file and try again.

  • “Please paste your resume in the field above.” This means there is no text present. Please copy and paste or type your resume in the provided text box.

  • “File size cannot exceed 5MB.” The resume file you are uploading is too large. Please upload a smaller file or call Customer Success for assistance at 866-238-0161, Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST. A scanned resume will not upload and may give you the error that it is too large. Please try a word document that is not scanned.

  • “Invalid file type. Please select a valid resume to upload.” Your resume file must be in rtf, txt, htm, html, pdf, doc, or docx form.

  • “Our server is having issues processing the resume; please try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience.” This means that our resume processing server is not working properly and we are currently trying to fix it. Check back frequently to see if the issue has been resolved.

  • “Your resume seems to be invalid.” Our resume server is having trouble identifying this document or text as a resume. Try uploading another file

If you need help uploading your resume please email your resume to and we will try to get it posted for you.

If your resume is searchable on iHire, it can show up in resume search results performed by our registered employers. If you choose to keep your resume private, it is only viewable by you and any employer you have submitted an application to.

iHire’s employer database includes those who know exactly what they are looking for in a prospective hire and search our resume database as well as those who prefer to post positions and wait for applications. By submitting applications to posted positions and setting your resume to searchable, you will increase your visibility to employers.

To view and/or change your resume privacy status, go directly to the Resume page. It will show on the top right side of the page. Click on the gear icon, make the change and save.

Go to Contact Us located in the footer of the logged out experience or in the "menu" of the logged in experience, or call our customer success team at (866) 238-0161, Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST.

 You will encounter a variety of application processes for jobs listed on our site. Some employers allow job seekers to apply directly through our site, while others prefer job seekers be directed back to their own site to fill out an application.

Within the job posting, click the green “Apply” button. Basic and Premium members can apply to any in-network jobs posted on iHire.

  • For jobs that you apply to via our site, employers will receive your resume, cover letter, and answers to application questions via email once you complete the process.
  • If you are taken to another site to apply, you will need to follow the process(es) defined on that site. If you find an issue applying to one of these jobs, please help us maintain job quality on our site by using the Report a Job feature to bring the job to our attention.