Responsible for the highest level of technical competency within the scope of any particular product line Narrow Web, Tag &Label (NWTL). Major responsibilities are to help facilitate laboratory projects that are required to support and deliver customer solutions that are consistent with the core product offerings of the NWT&L product line. Rationalize laboratory projects, provide product recommendation support, and to reduce the proliferation of products. Must be able to drive product alterations and improvement with support from the technical group & product management group with great accuracy and industry awareness. Must be able to provide professional level service to customers and be thought of as an industry expert. Lastly, must be able to navigate through the Sun organization (Management, Technology, CTS, Sales, NACS, Pricing) to accomplish project goals.


  • Help organize and complete local laboratory projects associated with core product offerings.
  • Makes product selection decisions based on end use application. Conducts research to develop custom products, coordinates with internal product management to define product recommendations, provides fitness for use guidance that aligns with end use application, required specifications, and customer process.
  • Support local manufacturing teams with product specific support in the areas of product substitution, quality control specifications and inventory management (work-off).
  • Investigate and respond (internally) to customer complaints.
  • Provide feedback on product performance and recommend product improvements to the appropriate national laboratories.
  • Communicates product deficiencies to technology and spear heads RLW process clearing defining customer needs to technology, defining due dates and key deliverables on the projects.
  • Facilitate local system (SAP) functions that are consistent with the role.
  • Provide knowledge-based support to the RCML's as needed.
  • Able to respond to customer inquiries when absolutely necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Minimum of an Associate degree or equivalent experience (5 - 10 years). Bachelor degree in a related technical field preferred with laboratory experience including managing projects and customer deliverables - 5 years. Familiarity with the chemistry associated with our industry - 8 - 12 years.
  • Incumbent must possess both strong verbal and written communication skills as reporting is also a requirement.
  • Strong computer proficiency with MS Office and SAP.
  • Utilize technical knowledge and authority to make independent decisions, free from immediate direction or supervision for local and national initiatives that require customer support consistent with the core product offering of the Product Management group.
  • Responsible for completing laboratory projects assigned by the Product Manager, provide local support for manufacturing and other operational and SAP activities.
  • Strong technical problem solving ability. This would include solving problems associated with core product recommendation gaps and general operational activities that are product-centric.
  • Act as a technical advisor to eliminate all root cause of the problems. Will be able to clearly articulate and resolve issues based on root cause identified and will set-up any training or guidelines within Sun Chemical or customer processes to make sure all are aware of the problem resolutions.
  • Be able to successfully drive annual goals and objectives established by the Field Marketing Manager. Goals and objectives will include initiatives related to the reduction of products in the marketplace, revenue growth, cost savings projects and various mid and short-term projects designed to increase product line profitability.
  • Minimal travel of less than 25%

Sun Chemical is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.

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